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Iron Underground
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Powerlifting Australia
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Here we believe in having the best equipment available so we can produce the best strength athletes possible and also provide the greatest training experience we can for trainees, whatever their goals.

From our small beginnings 4 years ago with only five or six pieces of equipment, not enough plates and only a single barbell to the gym's name.
We have grown continuously and now our 300 square meter facility contains a fully equipped free-weight focused strength gym with all the powercages, speciality bars and a competition specific lifting platform that we need to support our expanding membership.

Furthermore what really seperates Iron Underground is the atmosphere.

Very few gyms have the authentic hard grit that IU does.

Mobile phones are disallowed while training, socializing is kept at a minimum and kept for before and after workouts so that the focus can be kept on your strength progression. Which let's face it should be the point we are here. To become stronger. Period

Here we keep it minimal. "Working out" isn't about being entertained or being nicely air conditioned or looking at yourself in mirrors to see if you are doing it right.

No. You will find yourself so damn focused on moving those weights that you couldnt care for entertainment. The exhilaration of becoming stronger and seeing more weight on the bar becomes more important. And those who seek it are training so lamely they may aswell not even bother.

Mirrors are not required because the lifts are treated as skills that are finely tuned and developed through feeling and knowing and actually developing the motor-skills to become proficient at the lifts and exercises. Feeling is knowing.

You will never rely on a mirror for the perfect deadlift or squat here.

Once inside I.U. you will never want to return to what the fitness industry has sadly become with its DJ's and everything BUT hard training.

This is the training culture we have created by work ethic and not marketing.

Become a part of our crew, become a member or train with one of our strength coach's and experience the benefits of our training culture and atmosphere that's essential to getting the most out of yourself.



  • ELEIKO Powerlifting Squat stand & Bench Press

  • 2 lifting platforms made to IPF specifications for Powerlifting

  • Standing Chalk Bowls
  • 3 Powercages

  • 1 Hammerstrength Half Rack

  • Hammerstrength Leg Press

  • Hammerstrength Bench Press

  • Hammerstrength Back Extension

  • Hammerstrength Iso-Leg Curl

  • Hammerstrength Calf-Raise

  • 2 Imported EliteFTS Signature Competition Bench Press's
  • 2 Flat / Adjustable Benches

  • Decline Bench

  • Decline Bench Press

  • Incline Bench Press

  • Seated Shoulder Press

  • Glute Hamstring Developer

  • Reverse Hyper Machine

  • Seated Cable Row

  • Standing T-Bar Row

  • Standing Calf Raise Machine



  • ELEIKO competition grade IPF approved powerlifting bar

  • IVANKO compeition grade IPF approved powerlifting bar

  • Texas Deadlift Bar

  • Texas Power Bar
  • Trap Deadlift Bar

  • Safety Squat Bar

  • EliteFTS Safety Squat / Yoke Bar
  • Watson Strength made Swiss Bar

  • 3 x Australian Barbell Powerlifting Bars

  • 1 x SMAI 1000kg Rated Power Bar
  • 2 ezy bars



  • Dumbbells up to 50kgs

  • Full set of IVANKO Chrome competition plates

  • Full set of IVANKO olympic metal plates

  • 1000's of KG's of Iron plates from Australian Barbell company

  • 40, 24 and 16KG pairs of lifting Chains

  • 2 Deadlift bar jacks  

  • Heaps of other gear required for true powerlifting training.

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What Our Members Say

Latest Iron Underground Athletes Achievements
I.U Lifters at last comp: SSG Challenge March 2013

Name Class Squat Bench Deadlift Total Wilks
1. Robert Barret 83 190 125 260 575 385.480
2. Ashley Dyball 83 BP - 140 - 140 98.590
3. Lauren Phillips 57 BP - 52.5 - 52.5 47.220
Current I.U Australian Rankings

Ranking Name Class Total Wilks
9th . Robert Barrett 98 635 Elite II 403.352
8th Overall . Sarah Petchell 72 407.5 Elite I 401.673
13 Overall . Natalie Salm 57 325 Elite I 389.220